Brie Passano

Brie Passano Photography


New York City based food, product and still life photographer.

Brie grew up on an angus ranch in Montana and experimented with darkroom photography in high school.  She also enjoyed baking and would hold grand dessert parties for her friends.  

After attending Northwest College in Powell, WY Brie combined the two loves, pursuing food photography in New York City.  Brie enjoys shooting food because it is emotive and living, like a portrait, but also inanimate; a true "still life" only created a certain way once.


Southern Living Magazine (Southern Progress Corporation), The New York Times, Condé Nast (CNE Productions), The Kitchn, Marley Spoon, Edible Capital District, Edible Green Mountains, The Plaza Hotel, Aerosoles, Outward Bound, AHAlife, DKNY, Yuling Designs, Bryant Keller Designs, Deb Landis Designs, John Edwards Architect, Lucia Tristao Design, Susanna Galanis Designs.