Transitional Object: Eggs Benedict

 After graduating from photography school I still didn't quite know what I wanted to do.  I made plans to move to New York after 3 months of spinning my wheels at home with no job and no money.  It seemed to be the biggest and craziest thing I could think of to do and at least I could say I gave it a shot.

One thing was for sure, I could not stay in Montana.

Preparing to move is a task all its own.  Preparing to move without any knowledge of what could possibly lie ahead is downright crazy.  I had never been to New York before and really had never spent any time in cities except a day trip to Boston and passing through Paris while the transit was on strike.  As with any emotional hurdle, my coping mechanism seems to be to find one food that is comforting and eat only that until the initial uncertainty has passed.  Eggs benedict happened to be that transitional food for my mental preparation for New York City.

I would make it in the morning and then sit at the computer eating my eggs benedict and sift through craigslist housing posts for the New York area.  "Where is 'Hell's Kitchen'?" I thought as I sopped up the remaining hollandaise sauce with my english muffin.  "That sounds horrible..."

In the evening all I had to do was rinse the dishes I had used earlier and make another round.  If I was lucky there was extra hollandaise sauce left that I could just reheat.  

It wasn't intentional and probably horrible for my  cholesterol, but it literally was the only thing I craved and wanted to eat while mentally working out this huge transition.  The craving subsided when I finally did make the move and I incorporated a whole new variety of foods into my diet.  One might think I got really sick of eggs benedict after eating solely that for about a week but I think of it more as something I had an attachment to and then outgrew.  I still like eggs benedict, like one might still feel fondly for their childhood stuffed animal.  It was comforting to me.