It's rare that my dad's side of the family can all gather together for Thanksgiving so my aunt Terry decided to rectify this problem.  Her boyfriend Mike is an amazingly talented baker who is always cooking up more than the two can healthily eat, so maybe this was a solution to multiple problems.  

Celebrate a Thanksgiving do-over in February.  It's brilliant really, because it is still cold outside and everyone has already given up on their dietary new years resolutions.  Why not pick a random weekend in an otherwise, let's be honest, dismal month and do Thanksgiving the way it was meant to be done... as Febsgiving.  

Here are a few reason's why celebrating Febsgiving is awesome:

1. Traveling to anywhere is MUCH easier in February than it will ever be for Thanksgiving.

2. Turkey is cheap and it is easy to procure all the ingredients for anything you're cooking without a huge rush at the grocery store.

3. Family tensions are considerably less... not gone... just significantly reduced because there is no obligation.

4.  It's ok to have pie for breakfast, because, c'mon! It's Febsgiving!


Febsgiving has become such a cornerstone in the family holiday calendar now, after 3 years that I no longer even worry about my plans for Thanksgiving.  In fact, I am using Thanksgiving as a recipe testing event to plan what I will really make for Febsgiving!  

In an age when it's hard to keep track of all the holidays that are being observed and by whom, why not add another made-up one to the mix that everyone can get behind?  Be Thankful in February... and have an added sense of sincerity because you weren't forced to be there and it didn't cost you an arm and a leg or massive airline drama!   Happy Febsgiving!